Mar 06,2023

Do you know how to use the Bubble insulation machine correctly

What operations does the Bubble insulation machine need in our production? For the Bubble insulation machine, reasonable production is very important, so how to operate the Bubble insulation machine?

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1. The machine is in the initial position, fix the film on the turntable or the goods, and press the automatic operation button;
2. The turntable starts and starts to accelerate to the highest speed, the film is automatically output with the turntable running, and the turntable counts at the same time. When the bottom set value is reached, the film frame starts to rise.
3. When the film frame rises until the photoelectric switch does not illuminate the goods, the film frame stops rising after a delay of the set time, the number of up and down is counted once, the turntable continues to run, and the turntable counts. When the set number of top layers is reached, the film The frame is lowered, and the film frame stops when it descends to the bottom, and the number of up and down times is counted again, and the number of bottom turns is counted.
4. And so on until the number of up and down times reaches the set value, the packaging process is completed. The turntable descends slowly and stops at the initial detection point.
Therefore, these details should be done well when the Bubble insulation machine is produced.

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