Feb 09,2023

5 Some checks that should be done before using layer bubble film machine

5 layer bubble film machine electric control cabinet is composed of temperature controller, electric material, and frequency converter, and is mainly responsible for the central electric control operation of the whole equipment. The quality of the components of the electric control cabinet directly affects the quality of the bubble film machine (air cushion film machine). What checks should we do before using it? Let's briefly introduce it below.

5 layer bubble film machine
5 layer bubble film machine inspection before starting:
1. Check the power supply, vacuum system, air pressure system, and cooling system before each start-up. After the equipment is started, check whether the rotation direction of each rotating part is correct. Usually pay attention to check the lubrication status of each lubricating part. The appearance of electrical appliances should be in accordance with regulations Normal maintenance and maintenance.
2. The manufacturer of the 5 layer bubble film machine tells you to assign a special person to operate the equipment. It is not allowed to idle the extruder screw without material to avoid scratches on the screw and barrel. After shutting down, if there is material in the machine barrel, before starting up again, it is necessary to raise the temperature of each temperature zone to the specified requirements according to the process requirements, and keep it warm for more than 30 minutes before starting up. It is strictly forbidden to start up before the temperature does not meet the requirements. , to avoid damage to the machine.
3. The 5 layer bubble film machine manufacturer tells you that it is necessary to ensure cleanliness when feeding in the hopper, and prevent metal debris, sand and small tools from entering the material port to prevent damage to the barrel and screw. If there is abnormal noise during work , stop immediately for processing.

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