Charity unit

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Film Width: 1000mm~3000mm
Main Parts: extruder, forming part, winder, control panel
Speed: standard model 38m/min, customized model 60m/min.
Auxiliary Device: mixer, chiller, in-line edge trimmed recycle unit



Charity unit

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Product Benefits

High-efficiency & energy saving

Inverter operation, low noise, fast feedback

Customize machine

Meet special production workshop, optimized operation space

Automation and Intelligence

Paper-core auto loading, free of adhesive tape, bubble roller auto unloading etc.

Double Screw Extruder

Product performance functional, Higher output, Lower production cost

Water-cooled bubble forming cylinder

The 3rd generation bubble forming cylinder with inner water-cooled design, customized cooling with spiral design, fast cooling speed, uniform surface heat dissipation


Vacuum pump with inverter operation

Adopts inverter to adjust vacuum pump suctioned capacity, fuller air suctioned in each bubble, and lower noise.


Automatic cutting winder

The pioneer of free adhesive tape & free paper core, adopts constant tension with inverter control, winding tension is stable, reduce stretching deformation of material, reduce scrap rate, and improve the subsequent production yield.


Alloy treatment screw

Independently R&D screw design, increasing the length to diameter ratio, extend plasticizing section, achieving uniform shear, effectively improving plasticizing performance, can using 100% recycled materials and improving product strength.


Multi-size bubble forming cylinder installed on machine

To meet production needs of different specifications of bubble film, multiple set bubble forming cylinder can be installed simultaneously, saves disassembly time and maintaining a clean and tidy production environment.

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Industrial Application

Layer 2 applications

Layer 2 applications

Layer 3 applications

Layer 3 applications

Layer 5 applications

Layer 5 applications

Layer 5/7 applications

Layer 5/7 applications

Layer 5 applications

Layer 5 applications

Layer 5 applications

Layer 5 applications

Service Process


Requirements Analysis

Raw materials; Product performance & specification analysis


Equipment Selection Suggestion

Customized intelligent device; Customized specification, customized mold size


Whole Plant Planning Advice

Arrangements for operation, machine & material; Water, power & air requirements during operation



Professional installation & tuning. On-site operation training, Regular maintenance guide


After Sales Service

On-site maintenance upkeep; Subsequent equipment upgrade service.






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Our Advantages

Source manufacturer, Intimate service. Worry-free after-sales,
Buy with peace of mind.


YinNeng always with the corporate mission of "striving to improve the human living environment, led by senior product development experts and excellent management team, practice the corporate values of "seeking value with professionalism, seeking efficiency by management, seeking development by quality, and winning the market with innovation", It will be integrated and driven, with sanitation facilities as the main body and hardware manufacturing as the driving strategy as the development strategy, to provide customers with professional. standardized, customized and refined services.


YinNeng was established in 2019 with five years of production experience. Our team has 25 designers,10 engineers, a sales team of 28 people, 35 production managers, and more than 150 production workers. Our designer team consists of oversea designer where our deigns met oversea standards.


YinNeng with the rapid development of technology in this field, we advocate teamwork, work hard, look forward to the future of the company, and also provide a quality brand.


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How flexible are you in accommodating specific design requests or modifications?

Our team have 5 designers, 6 engineer, we can deal all the customization you need.

How is the product to be delivered?

Our product can be shipped in loose component (Normal container) or in a completed unit (Flat Rack Container).

Can you provide the service of installation?

Yes, we have 80 experienced supervisors who can go to supervise the installation at any time. Meanwhile, we have a skilled installation team that can complete a number of turn-key projects.

What have you added to the value-added service?

We have camp/community planning design, indoor and outdoor electrical/plumbing design, communication/fire alarm/security system supply, furniture/electrical appliances, etc.

What is the service life and warranty period?

lifetime for capsule house is 20-50 years, container house is 15-20 years, apple cabins is 15-20 years , Mobile villa is 20-50 years. The warranty period for the whole house is 12 months from delivery.

What kind of technical drawings could you offer?

We could three-view drawing, 3d photo, blueprint, foundation, plumbing, electrical, communication, fire alarm, installation, furniture and so on.

Which certificate do you have?

We have been awarded the certificate by ce, american building code, iso9001, we have been inspected many times by tuv, sgs and bv for the factory and products.

What about the lead time?

What about the monthly quantities?

Space mobile house, Apple cabins, Mobile villa, Container house: A total of 400 units

What insulation material do you apply?

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