2-layer air bubble film machine (single extruder)
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2-layer air bubble film machine (single extruder)

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Product Introduction
1. Main parts: Extruder, Control Panel, Bubble forming section, Winder;
2. To produce 2 layers air bubble film (bubble layer + base layer);
3. Film width from 1,000mm to 3,000mm;
4. Screw L/D ratio is 1:34, it adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design, with good plasticization, good mixing effect and high output;
5. The bubble forming cylinder adopts special internal circulation chilled water design to ensure perfect bubble forming effect under high speed operation.

Mechanical Transmission Diagram & Bubbel Structure


Technical Parameter

bubble film machine
bubble wrap machine
air bubble film machine
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Automatic winding machine

Winding machine adopts Huichuan PLC control system and constant tension design

High stability winder consists of two cantilevered air shafts

Automated cutting and roll changing work.


Bubble forming mold (internal circulating cold water cooling)

High quality chrome treatment, internal circulation cold water cooling, greatly improve the cooling effect, ensure the machine can operate at high speed

Customized bubble molds and bubble shapes for customers

Mold diameter: 269mm, 317mm, 365mm, 393mm, etc.

Bubble shape: spherical, heart-shaped, hexagonal, etc.


Air cooled chiller

The unit's water shaft is cooled by circulating cold water and must be used in combination with a chiller to improve speed stability.


Online point break (servo drive control)

The film is broken at a set length, making the film easy to tear into a fixed width, without manual cutting

Servo drive control to improve the accuracy of the break length

The shortest distance can be 80mm.


Online waste recycling device

An on-line recycling waste side device that breaks and recycles the cut waste edge into the extruder for reuse of waste

The waste secondary treatment process is eliminated.

  • Air bubble film is light and firm material. With its flexibility and wear-resistance, it can form a buffer protection material.
  • It is now used globally in a variety of applications from high-quality packaging to heat-insulation and sound-insulation.
  • Air bubble film can completely protect the impact, prevent damage caused mainly by compression, and the resulting package is light, transparent (or colorful), harmless, and resistant to acids, oils and other chemicals, as well as water and moisture.
  • The use of air bubble film can reduce the volume of the package, thereby reducing transportation costs.
  • The bubble film can be printed or laminated with PE or other PE materials, and can be recycled 100%. Because of its flexible production and the use of different materials, this film has now been used to package a variety of different products and consumer products, including glass, furniture, food, pharmaceutical and electronic products, and office equipment.

Advantage of Malex Machinery

Double chilled roller for silicon roller cooling

Constant tension winding system


Fast cooling bubble forming cylinder


Malex-made adjustable T-die



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