Corporate style

Corporate style

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Expert of Air Bubble Film Machine

- SINCE 2005 -

Since its establishment in 2005, Malex Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has formed a mechanical hardware designer and senior engineer of automation software.
A team of technically responsible engineers, professional marketers, and after-sales technical service specialists, responsible, honest, and dedicated.
With professional ability and service spirit, we provide customers with stable performance and excellent technical equipment based on the needs of the industry.





Mr. Guo Youyun (General Manager)


With more than ten years of experience in the manufacture and sale of bubble film machine equipment, we have cultivated an excellent team and are committed to providing customers with high-performance production equipment and excellent service system, creating the brand value of "CHINA MALEX AIR BUBBLE FILM MACHINE"! 

Malex marketing team


The professional marketing team provides advice on equipment procurement for our customers, provides the most suitable production equipment to meet the needs of customers, and demonstrates the practical advantages of “Malex Air Bubble Film Machine”, winning the trust and unlimited support of customers at home and abroad.





Production environment



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