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  • Product Name: 7 Layers Air Bubble Film Machine(three screw extruder)
  • Added Time: 2017-04-14
  • Views : 148

        Chiller unit

Malexs bubble film machine must be worked with chiller unit for high speed performance.

Technical Data

        Chiller capacity: 10Hp, 15Hp, 20Hpiller unit

In-line edge trimmed recycle unit
This is to recycle the trimmed edge of bubble film during normal production. After edge trimmed, it will be cut into small flakes by rotating-blades, and blown back to material hopper to produce bubble film again.
-Save factory space for waste film.
-Save labor cost for secondary treatment
-Save material cost.

Automatic cutting winder
Automatic cutting winder with PLC control system, highly reliable winder consisting of two cantilever air expansion shafts with inflation/deflation. Extremely reliable and powerful winds perfect quality rolls to extremely accurate lengths and widths, even when divided in-line into different width bubble film. 
Technical Data
-Film widths: from 1,000mm to 3,000mm
-Max. working speed: 30m/min
-Max. winding diameter: 1,500 mm
-Bubbles on inside or outside or both

In-line perforator ( servo driven control system)
This useful independent device is easy modified in-line to air bubble film machine. It makes a preliminary cut on the film at desired length before winding, resulting in a finished bubble film roll prepared in pre-cut sections that are quickly and easily torn-off when needed. A servo driven motor with encoder drives the double-side-blade pre-cutting device and ensure accurate, continuous bubble sheet sizes. 
Technical Data:
-Film width: from 1,000mm to 3,000mm
-Application material: bubble film, bubble film laminated with PE-foam etc.
-Max. working speed: 25m/min
-Min. perforation distance: 100mm

T-DIE Machine

Bubble forming cylinder (water cooled)
These hard-chromed cylinders for bubble mould are the most outstanding element of Malex’s specialty. Welding different diameter steel tube into a complete cylinder, with a special internal chilled water circuit provides perfectly cooling effect, guaranteeing the high production performance and maximum stability with heavy thickness of bubble film. The bubble forming cylinders can be manufactured customized bubble shapes and dimensions and are available for Malex’s air bubble film machinery.
Technical Data:
-Film width: from 1,000mm to 3,000mm
-Bubble forming cylinder diameters: 269mm, 318mm, 365mm, 392mm and other customized diameter
-Bubble shapes: spherical, heart-shaped, spherical, hemispherical other shapes
-Standard bubble size: Ø6 - Ø10 - Ø15 - Ø25 - Ø30 mm and other diameters