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  • Product Name: 5 Layers Air Bubble Film Machine(three screw extruder)
  • Added Time: 2017-04-14
  • Views : 358

        Chiller unit

Malexs bubble film machine must be worked with chiller unit for high speed performance.

Technical Data

        Chiller capacity: 10Hp, 15Hp, 20Hpiller unit

In-line edge trimmed recycle unit
This is to recycle the trimmed edge of bubble film during normal production. After edge trimmed, it will be cut into small flakes by rotating-blades, and blown back to material hopper to produce bubble film again.
-Save factory space for waste film.
-Save labor cost for secondary treatment
-Save material cost.

Automatic cutting winder
Automatic cutting winder with PLC control system, highly reliable winder consisting of two cantilever air expansion shafts with inflation/deflation. Extremely reliable and powerful winds perfect quality rolls to extremely accurate lengths and widths, even when divided in-line into different width bubble film. 
Technical Data
-Film widths: from 1,000mm to 3,000mm
-Max. working speed: 30m/min
-Max. winding diameter: 1,500 mm
-Bubbles on inside or outside or both

In-line perforator ( servo driven control system)
This useful independent device is easy modified in-line to air bubble film machine. It makes a preliminary cut on the film at desired length before winding, resulting in a finished bubble film roll prepared in pre-cut sections that are quickly and easily torn-off when needed. A servo driven motor with encoder drives the double-side-blade pre-cutting device and ensure accurate, continuous bubble sheet sizes. 
Technical Data:
-Film width: from 1,000mm to 3,000mm
-Application material: bubble film, bubble film laminated with PE-foam etc.
-Max. working speed: 25m/min
-Min. perforation distance: 100mm